Thanks to a great deal of collaboration VIASCOOTER - ALLIANZ can offer significant discounts on your insurance motorcycle or scooter . Here you can see some examples of these advantageous prices.

  • 125cc scooter insurance : Senior Driver 25 years and over 3 years of experience. PRICE: 109 € approx with roadside assistance.
  • 50cc moped insurance : Senior Driver 25 years and over 3 years of experience. PRICE: 180 € approx and 30 € more you have roadside assistance.

Ask us and we will send a personalized budget with the best prices and personal attention .

Besides hiring the theft and fire coverage in case of accident , we have bike replacement for the repair process.


Kymco gift provides the insurance for all its 125cc and above range. Provided you are over 21 years and the bike go to a particular name. If the bike company will name would be a theft and fire insurance. In own damage a franchise applies to each claim by the claim that is 150 euros including VAT for concerted workshops and 350 euros for non-subsidized workshops. You can consult the list of workshops agreed on the website of Peris.

Damage from theft, fire and natural phenomena: Repairing the damage sustained by the vehicle due to theft or attempted theft, robbery, fire or explosion, lightning, wind, hail, subsidence and other phenomena such as falling trees, poles, power lines, etc. If these phenomena are extraordinary compensation will be provided by the Insurance Compensation Consortium. Damages will be assessed using the following criteria:

1. the replacement value of the parts or missing, destroyed or rendered useless parts and the cost of repairing damaged is calculated.

2. Likewise, the replacement value is calculated during the first 6 months from the first registration. The rest of the first year, the improved (invoice value minus 2% per month since the first registration) market value is calculated, the result can not be less than market value.

Travel Assistance Services to Motorcycle: Motorcycle rescue up to 150 €. Towage of the bike when it has not been repaired on the fly, to the repair shop nearest the mark.

Services to people: Transfer of insured injured or sick to the hospital or to the appropriate address in Spain to criteria of the doctor, and at home, the insured companion. Transfer of the mortal remains of the deceased insured. Transfer of the insured at home (in repairs of more than two days produced more than 50km from home). Transfer and stay in four-star hotel or similar in case of repair of less than two days, or if an accident or illness occurs up to 10 days. Costs of obtaining duplicate registration certificate, identity card or documentation of lost or stolen motorcycle. 24 hours a day service: 901 100 128 in Spain, abroad to collect call +34 91 452 29 12

Risks and damage not covered: Notwithstanding the provisions of the legislation on liability coverage mandatory subscription, occurring during or as a result of : Driving under the influence of drugs , narcotics , alcohol or psychotropic substance. Driving without authorization or without the vehicle owner's permit or license. Crime of duty relief , when acting as author, accomplice or abettor . Participation in races and competitions and their training. Excluded , among other causes , mechanical breakdowns , including lack of water , oil or other elements as well as repair or replacement of tires by simple punctures, blowouts or wear.


For motorcycle to 50cc: Yamaha offers the possibility to take out insurance on your scooter (to buy back) for 50 euros the first year. It is an offer for drivers of all ages, the only requirement is to have license but no matter the age. contracted guarantees: Liability (insurance Sovag), Club Pont Grup (Fines, defense, legal help: insurer Arag). Mediator: Pont Grup, Insurance Brokerage S.A.

For motorcycles and scooters up to 250cc: Yamaha also offers a very good offer insurance to their models up to 250cc. The only conditions are to be over 25 years old and have more than two years old driving license. For 115 euros you have the basic third party insurance, roadside assistance and basic driver accidents; 165 euros and you have comprehensive insurance, roadside assistance and basic driver accidents or theft and fire, roadside assistance or accidents to the basic driver)